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We provide an extensive range of pharmaceuticals at Williams Medical including antibiotics, contraceptives, nutrition, facial aesthetic products, and more, ideal for all clinics, and medical environments.

Your A to Z of Pharmaceuticals



Discover our expansive Analgesics range, featuring Instillagel, Codeine, Aspirin, and other Generic analgesics. Enhance patient care with targeted options, including injectable Lidocaine and topical anesthetics.


Explore our Antibiotics range at Merlin Medical, featuring Benzylpenicillin injections and Crystapen Injections. From oral to injectable antibiotics, trust our selection for effective infection management.


Explore our Antibiotics range, featuring Metoclopramide ampoules and Cyclizine injections. Our selection of injectable or oral anti-emetics ensures effective nausea and vomiting management. 

Asthma and COPD

Explore our Asthma and COPD range, featuring advanced inhaler options such as Salamol CFC Free, Ventolin, Salamol, and Esibreather for rapid relief or long-term management.

Cancer & Oncology

Explore our Cancer and Oncology range, featuring Decapeptyl, Prostap and Zoladex. From hormone therapy to targeted treatments, our comprehensive selection caters to diverse oncological needs

Cardiovascular and Heart

Explore our Cardiovascular and Heart range with Adrenaline Ampoules, Epipen, and Furosemide. Our diverse selection ensures comprehensive care for cardiovascular health.


Explore our Contraceptive range, featuring modern options such as Gygel Contraceptive Jelly, Nexplanon, and traditional Diaphragm Contraception. From user-friendly diaphragms to innovative implants, our selection caters to diverse contraceptive needs.


Explore our Corticosteroids range, offering Injectable options like Adcortyl and Kenalog vials, as well as Oral solutions such as Prednisolone. Our diverse selection ensures effective corticosteroid therapy


Discover our Diabetes range, featuring essential supplies like Glucagen Hypokit and Hypoglycemia Box for emergency preparedness. Enhance diabetic care with Glucogel, ensuring swift and effective response to low blood sugar.

Facial Aesthetics

Explore our Facial Aesthetics range including a comprehensive selection of Toxins and Fillers, featuring Botox vials, Dysport 500, and Alluzience 200 for advanced cosmetic procedures. 

Gynae Other

Shop our Gynaecology pharmaceutical range including our stock of high-quality PVC and UHS Pessaries



Explore our Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) range, featuring essential options such as Elleste Duet and Evorel for effective hormonal balance. From tailored treatments to support women's health, our comprehensive selection ensures quality care. 


Explore our IUD and IUS range, featuring Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) like Flexi-T, Novaplus, Neo-Safe T, and Mirena. From effective intrauterine devices to innovative hormonal options, our selection ensures reliable contraceptive choices. 

Mental Health

Explore our Mental Health range, featuring essential medications like Depixol, Dalmane, and Clopixol. From antipsychotics to benzodiazepines, our comprehensive selection ensures effective support for mental health. 

Minims and Eye Health

Explore our Minims and Eye Health range, featuring essential products like Fluorescein Strips, Polyfusor Sodium Chloride, and Lidocaine Eye Drops. From precise diagnostics to soothing solutions, our comprehensive selection ensures optimal eye health.


Explore our NSAID range, featuring essential medications like Motifene, Voltaren Injection, Voltarol Suppositories, and versatile options in oral or injectable Ibuprofen. From targeted relief to comprehensive pain management, our comprehensive selection ensures effective solutions.


Explore our Nutrition range, offering essential Hydroxocobalamin (B12) ampoules.  From Dextrose Glucose to Calcium Gluconate, our comprehensive selection includes injectable and infusion options, ensuring precise nutritional support.

Ointments and Emollients

Explore our Ointments and Emollients range, featuring essential products like Epaderm Emollient, Chlorhexidine Lotion, and Dermol 500. From moisturizing solutions to antiseptic care, our comprehensive selection ensures skin health with precision and care.

Sex Hormones

Explore our Sex Hormone range, featuring essential medications like Androgemn, Antagonist, Progestin, Oestrogen, and Nebido. From hormonal balance to targeted therapies, our comprehensive selection ensures effective support for diverse needs.


Explore our Vaccine range, featuring essential travel vaccines like Typhim, Viatim, Avaxim, and Revaxis. From comprehensive protection to targeted immunizations, our diverse selection ensures reliable vaccination options.